Golden Yogis

Wed, Fri
Main St Yoga


For those in their Golden Years (and those healing from illness or injury).  We use gentle hatha and yoga therapy style postures to improve mobility, flexibility and strength, while having fun! No previous experience necessary.


Monday 6:45-8pm
Starlit Yoga


For momma-to-be's at any stage of pregnancy. In this  class we invite our expecting mommas to  explore their ever changing bodies, while safely working mobility and strength and optimizing relaxation during this sacred time.  


Wednesday 5:15-6:30
Starlit Yoga

*Starting March 6, 2019


A fusion class balanced with dynamic and static postures. We will find different ways to flow with both breath and body. A perfect dance between effort and ease, strength and grace. This Daoist/Hatha combo is a beautiful way to wind down your work day.


Friday 5:30-7pm
Starlit Yoga

**Alternating Teachers (Courtney, Tash and Ray of Wellness Garden Doulas)**

A  90 minute class designed for expectant mommas. We begin class with a discussion on a variety of topics that will affect momma-to-be's, like Nutrition, Labour Support, Breastfeeding, etc. This 30 minute discussion is followed by a 60 minute asana practice that nurtures your rapidly changing body to help facilitate ease of movement, strength and flexibility. In this 8 week registered series (Drop Ins available on space), is a safe space for momma-to-be's to find a sisterhood of support during this beautiful journey . **No experience necessary!

Rise and Shine with this gentle hatha class right on the Pier at Rotary Beach. This class is designed to wake you up and start your weekend off feeling good. We explore a variety of postures from reclined, seated, hands and knees to standing. No previous experience necessary.

Dock Yoga

Rotary Beach

**July and August**

Want More?

I offer:

  • Black-light Yoga (Glowga)

  • Private lessons for those wanting one-on-one instruction

  • Private event classes for Bachelorettes, Wedding Day, Get-togethers, Ladies Nights, or for an overall good time with friends!

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